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British porn stars in London

Added by sugarbabes on Thu 7th Dec, 2017 17:06

You’d think that our porn stars would be over in America, or elsewhere in the world, wouldn’t you? But they’re not you know. London is a nicer place than some of you would care to remember!

Why women cheat

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 1st Dec, 2017 15:08

Here’s an interesting article for you. Don’t say that we never give you any advice or help to keep your relationships alive. Today’s article is about how you can learn to keep your woman, by finding out why she decides to cheat!

New British duo London escorts

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 24th Nov, 2017 14:34

You should all know by now that there is a very distinct difference between a British London escort and any other. We’re not about to go into that in this brief article however, but for those of you who do realise this, have you ever considered booking British duo London escorts?

What women want: A somewhat comprehensive guide!

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 17th Nov, 2017 13:41

The reason we use that subtitle is of course because there’s no possible way for anyone to really know what women want. Men spend their lives guessing, but sometimes, just sometimes they get it right. We’ve made a little list of those things. Pay attention!

An English escort in London: Why you should book one

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 3rd Nov, 2017 16:49

Despite the fact that London is indeed increasingly more cosmopolitan and diverse these days, it’s still nice to spend some quality time with a quintessentially English escort.

Behave yourself in Dubai

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 27th Oct, 2017 12:52

You all heard about the guy in the news who got arrested for brushing past another man’s hips or something, right? Well, it really does pay to know what can get you into trouble when you’re in Dubai, so with the help of our Dubai escorts, we thought we’d give you a little insight.

Make a good impression with the ladies

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 20th Oct, 2017 12:54

We are not all about our collection of escorts here at Sugarbabes International you know, we like to think we have the ear of our clients. It’s for this reason we try to offer a helping hand now and then. Advice from our British escorts is indeed valuable advice, especially when it comes to dating!

Experience speaks volumes with mature London escorts

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 13th Oct, 2017 17:09

Today we’re talking a little more about the mature women we represent, predominantly in London.

Mature escorts from all over the world

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 6th Oct, 2017 13:32

We’re writing this article to remind you guys that we don’t just represent mature escorts from the UK. We do have quite a good number of mature London escorts, yes, but by no means are these the only older women we have!

What happens in Dubai, stays in Dubai!

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 29th Sep, 2017 08:16

We’d like to take this opportunity to offer a little advice and some reassurance. It has come to our attention that some escort hobbyists have had some privacy issues in the past when it comes to bookings with independent girls and other agencies. Dubai is no exception to this problem, but we have the solution.

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