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A rotating hotel in the Middle East for our Dubai escorts?

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 17th Feb, 2017 15:42

We’re beginning to think that the girls may be reading our blog as much as our clients, so it never hurts to do something that appeals to both audiences does it?

Top three London escort experiences

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 10th Feb, 2017 09:45

We’re all different of course, but there actually is a top three list of London escort experiences. Obviously we learn about this from the girls we represent and the bookings we take, so we’re going to share this with you.

The best ways to impress mature London escorts

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 3rd Feb, 2017 10:21

With a mature London escort it becomes little different if you want to really impress them. We’ve put together a little guide in order to make your escort experience the best it can be, for both of you.

What do you get from a British escort?

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 27th Jan, 2017 10:59

Well, in the most basic terms you get a British woman! Now that’s not something to be taken lightly gentlemen. There’s something so very lovely about a British woman and if you’re from out of town, so to speak, then this is a pleasure you can look forward to.

The best of British escorts for 2017

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 20th Jan, 2017 14:14

We’re hoping that you already know we’re the agency to go to for British escorts, but if you’re not aware, allow us to explain a little more about Sugarbabes International.

You have to treat a London mature escort a little differently

Added by sugarbabes on Mon 9th Jan, 2017 10:20

A mature escort should be treated like royalty in our personal opinion. They’re at the very top of their game in the escorting community and they are usually very well established, with a very definite set of goals in mind…

Why do some porn stars become escorts?

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 6th Jan, 2017 15:37

Why does anyone do anything? It’s all a matter of choice in this business. Let’s have a closer look at what makes these porn stars become mostly international escorts…

The London mature escort revolution starts at Sugarbabes International

Added by sugarbabes on Tue 27th Dec, 2016 12:49

We say “revolution” but it’s not really, it’s more of a movement if anything. It’s just that the word “revolution” looks really dramatic and it gets people’s attention.

Which London porn stars are also escorts?

Added by sugarbabes on Wed 21st Dec, 2016 12:53

Now there’s the million dollar question! You’ve seen that amazing porn star in action and now you want to meet her no doubt. Well, no-one is going to blame you for wanting that dream to come true…

British London escorts are all the rage again!

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 16th Dec, 2016 07:24

It’s not surprising when you really think about it is it? London has been practically overrun with European escorts over the last few years, British London escorts are something of a rarity.

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