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Dubai escorts like to stay in style

Added by sugarbabes on Mon 22nd May, 2017 14:21

If you’ve ever been to Dubai before, you’ll know the standard of Dubai escorts over there is generally pretty high. That is of course if you’re booking them from a good agency.

Massage parlours don’t offer companionship: Book a London escort

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 12th May, 2017 14:24

A bit of an odd one for you today. We’re looking at human interaction and those who crave human contact and attention etc. What better way than to book a London escort?

How to do the perfect dinner date with a British London escort

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 5th May, 2017 12:22

This is straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, gentlemen. We are able to tell you these things, simply because we know the girls and what they like. You don’t represent escorts for as long as we do without picking up a thing or two along the way!

Could British London escorts reclaim their throne now Brexit is upon us?

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 28th Apr, 2017 10:31

We’ve never been too concerned about Brexit and the escort industry to be perfectly honest. It’s one of those evolutionary things that will sort itself out over time we imagine, but it has left a number of people uncertain about the future.

Three of the best things to do with a British London escort

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 21st Apr, 2017 17:01

We know what you’re thinking of course, but no. We’re simply not writing that down! We’re appealing to the classier among you today. You know, the type that like to spend a little quality time with their British London escort.

Are British escorts a dying breed?

Added by sugarbabes on Wed 5th Apr, 2017 14:37

We’re here today to clarify a few things for you and hopefully leave fans of the good old fashioned British escort a little happier.

Take the British escort challenge!

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 31st Mar, 2017 16:09

Are any of you old enough to remember “The Pepsi Challenge”? Yes? Good, then we’re talking your language! We have a new challenge for you then…

Booking a porn star? Well you can’t beat a British Escort!

Added by sugarbabes on Thu 23rd Mar, 2017 19:26

A British escort who is also a porn star you understand? In actual fact there aren’t too many British escorts at Sugarbabes International that aren’t porn stars! We kid you of course, there are enough, it’s just that there are a lot or porn stars too!

Rule Britannia! Rule British Escorts!

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 17th Mar, 2017 12:18

Today we’re proud to be British! What is it that makes you proud to be British? That is, if indeed you are. We are most proud of our British escorts above all other things.

Don’t mess around with crazy women, book London escorts!

Added by sugarbabes on Thu 9th Mar, 2017 09:29

Our London escorts do hear some crazy stories about women you know! We’re not going to share them with you here of course, but in true Sugarbabes International style, we’re going to help you spot those crazy women before it gets any worse for you.

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