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The top searched escort porn stars in the world

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 15th Mar, 2019 13:47

It interests us greatly just how much porn stars are searched on the internet. They're the tabooest celebrities you're likely to find really aren't they? They get more searches than some regular celebs, yet you wouldn't tell your wife that you search for them! However, when you're searching for your favourite porn stars, whilst you may well get to a number of porn sites, you're also likely to find them right here as London escorts. Well, maybe not always in London, but they'll be escorting somewhere in the world!

What you get from an exclusive escort

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 8th Mar, 2019 11:50

Some people don’t know what an “exclusive” escort is. An exclusive escort is one that works only with the agency she is listed with. So wherever you see her, you won’t see her anywhere else. Some girls like to work like this, for a number of reason; all of them very good. We have a number of exclusive escorts at Sugarbabes International

The home of British London escorts

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 1st Mar, 2019 16:20

Sugarbabes International has long been the home for some of the best quality, and most well-known British London escorts in the city. We’ve been going for a long time, and we have made a lot of clients, and escorts, very happy indeed. But what makes us such a mecca for the British London escort? What is it that attracts these quintessentially English beauties to our agency? Read on to find out more.

City break? What about a London escort break?

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 22nd Feb, 2019 14:44

Historically British people have become accustomed to the “City Break”. You see it on travel websites, advertised on TV and in magazines, but they never really get to the point. What we mean by that is they never tell you what a “City Break” really involves.

British escort porn stars are here to stay!

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 15th Feb, 2019 11:40

We just can’t help being happy about it guys! We’ve been in this business for a long time, and we have represented porn stars for longer than we can remember. In fact we would go so far as to say, we were probably among the first agencies in London to ever represent a British porn star. Now, as soon as a UK porn actress decides that she wants to be a London escort, we are who they choose to represent them.

Calling all porn stars! Sugarbabes International are recruiting!

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 8th Feb, 2019 09:39

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that we are the premier agency from which clients book the companion of British and international porn stars. We have a proven track record of offering companionship services from some of the most attractive, charming and liberated women on the planet! Our star-studded cast of porn starlets is vast indeed, and you can see for yourself by checking our porn stars escorts gallery.

High profile porn stars at Sugarbabes International

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 1st Feb, 2019 13:25

Escorts don’t get much more high profile than those that are also porn stars! And we have more porn stars working as escorts for Sugarbabes International than any other agency in London, or elsewhere in the world. They come to us arguably because all their fellow porn stars do! But more than that, we know how to treat them properly.

Porn stars in London for 2019!

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 25th Jan, 2019 16:13

It’s an all star cast for 2019 gentlemen! It brings us great pleasure to announce that at the beginning of the year we can expect to see more London escorts who are porn stars in the city than ordinary London escorts.

What will Brexit mean for our escorts in London

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 18th Jan, 2019 16:14

Well, the latest talks are about immigration, aren’t they? If you’ve been following the government’s somewhat “thrown together” plan. If you can even call it a plan. There has been free movement so far for Europeans in the UK, but the latest idea is to shorten visas and such so that unskilled workers can only be over here for a maximum of a year, and then they have to go back for a year “cooling off”.

The Chelsea Cloisters debate: What it means for London escorts

Added by sugarbabes on Fri 11th Jan, 2019 16:14

Did any of you read the article in The Times about Chelsea Cloisters? It doesn’t make any difference to us to tell you that we are obviously interested in the debate, if you can call it that. Other newspapers took on the story too of course, and then it became a massive thing.

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