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Europe - Paris Escorts

Paris Escorts

If you're looking for your ideal Parisian companion, you've come to the right place. It seems that it makes no difference just where you are in the world, Sugarbabes International can get the companion you need to make your time as enjoyable as possible. Here on this page you will find a comprehensive list of all the Paris escorts we have available to you.

Some girls permanently reside in Paris, others just take tours over to this beautiful city to see the sights and have some fun. It's worth noting here that we often add girls to the gallery who are coming to Paris soon on a tour too, so be sure to read their dates when you see a girl you want, just to make sure whether she's there or on her way. It's a very popular touring escort destination for professional escorts.

Why the girls go to Paris

It shouldn't be difficult to understand why it's such a popular place for professional companions to visit. Not when you see all the wonderful sights, sample the food in some of the worlds finest restaurants, and spend some time shopping in those French boutiques on Rue St Honore. And we are talking about women too you understand, we don't know a living breathing woman who wouldn't give her left arm to go shopping in Paris! It's a veritable mecca for porn stars too. You ought to know just how much those girls love the glamorous life! Many of our favourite UK porn stars often spend time over there as Paris escorts too. There's never any shortage of people who want to see them.

Escorting in France is alive and well

France has had a somewhat problematic relationship with escorts. They make some assumptions about what Paris escorts do unfortunately and it can occasionally still appear to be quite taboo. This isn't a problem of course, because it isn't something you could simply switch off like a light anyway. There will always be Paris escorts, in much the same way as there will be escorts all over the world. These girls are free to do whatever they choose for a living, and they're not controlled in anyway at all by us! It would be quite difficult to do this considering that we're in the UK!

So, the point we're making here is, regardless of what you may or may not have heard about girls in Paris working as escorts, it's as alive today as it has always been. Attitudes may be different here and there, but this is predominantly a highly subjective issue that's down to the individual. Practically all the major, quality hotels in the centre of Paris are quite used to high class escorts visiting their guests and have no problem with it at all. Escorting is indeed welcomed, and all the Paris companions at Sugarbabes International are always very classy ladies!

Staying in Paris

Speaking of hotel bookings, there are a number we would recommend to you. Firstly, we love the Shangri-La Hotel on Avenue d'Iéna. It's magnificent, but very pricy to say the least at over £700 a night (and there are rooms and suites more expensive than this!) But what do you expect from a former Royal home? Hotel Bel ami on Rue Saint-Benoît and close by Relais Christine the 16th Century mansion are both cheaper than Shangri-La, but still very upmarket if you're that type of gent. You'll certainly impress the Paris escorts you invite to meet you there! There are plenty of other hotels that would suit any budget of course, as you'd expect there to be in any major city; you may just have to do your research.

Incall Paris escorts

The girls you see here on this page are also available for incall bookings too. All the companions we represent always get themselves appropriate and discreet apartments in the city. They're professionals at the end of the day and they know how to find the right place to work. There's a certain amount of excitement to be gained from adventuring out into the Paris streets in search of an incall escort location. And the beauty is that there is no risk when you book through a reputable agency like Sugarbabes International. As you should know by now, we know all of the ladies we list personally.

Sugarbabes International have you covered

Whether you are seeking a date for a romantic dinner in Montmartre, lunch by the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame Cathedral, or to party the night away in Paris with an attractive girl - at Sugarbabes International our stunning Paris Escorts will make your fantasies come true! As with all of our escort experiences, in all the cities around the globe where we represent, our goal is for you to be left feeling satisfied and content with your booking. Each one of our stunning Escorts in Paris is carefully selected for their complete package - model looks, flawless bodies and charismatic personalities. Our babes are an addictive experience you're sure to want to repeat. Call us at your convenience if you have any questions or to make a booking.


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