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£150/£200 Escorts

This category is one of the most commonly used on Sugarbabes International. This is mainly because escorts for £150 are the most commonly sought-after girls. Our clients are attracted to the price as much as they are attracted to the girls themselves. When you can spend an hour in the company of girls this beautiful and entertaining for such a low fee, there's little wonder they're so popular. On this page you will find all the girls we represent in the UK that are priced between £150 and £200.

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It actually surprises us that there are still a number of girls offering their companionship services between £150-200, considering that inflation has driven the cost of everything else up; especially in London. It's practically a fiver for a cup of coffee, so when you consider that you're only paying £150 for an hour with one of the most stunning and attentive young ladies you're ever likely to meet, you're actually getting one hell of a bargain!

£150 does not mean any less quality

You would be mistaken for believing that £150 meant any less quality. This is just the fee that the girl chooses to charge, and is not related at all to the level of service she provides. You may well pay double for the same service in the escort business, and to be honest with you, we couldn't tell you exactly what the difference would be. We are well aware that some girls charge a little extra sometimes for this and that, but again, we couldn't tell you what for or why. We will say that this practice is quite common for girls at this price.

Realistically keen escorts

Whilst we can't be certain why the girls continue to charge such a very reasonable price, we would hazard a guess. It's more than likely because they are quite savvy, for want of a better word. There are girls out there in London and beyond, that charge more than £600 an hour for their time. But when you consider just how many bookings a girl like this is going to get, she's probably only going to be making the same amount or arguably less than the escort for £150. But the escort for £150 will be seeing more clients of course. Thus, we would like to hazard a guess that these girls really like to be busy.

When you think about it, it can be quite a lonely existence just sitting in your apartment waiting for the phone to ring. It's much better to be having as much fun as possible, and to get out to one or two hotels now and again isn't it? So you see, these cheaper escorts really know what they're doing, and they're more than likely in this particular line of work because they genuinely love spending time with their men. We could go on to hypothesise that they are also more experienced because of this; it wouldn't be much of a stretch to presume would it?

Try not to negotiate

We would say this for all the girls we represent, whether they're in London, Paris or Dubai, or anywhere on earth for that matter. But it becomes a little more insulting if you're going to "haggle" with an escort who is offering her services at this low price. £150 is next to nothing to pay for the services of a talented young escort, let's face it. You could spend much more than this on lunch in some places. Some people spend more than £150 on a bottle of wine for goodness sake, and that's not going to give you a memory even close to those you're going to get from one of the girls you see in this gallery.

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