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Sugarbabes International are very proud to represent arguably the largest choice of British escorts operating in London, the rest of the UK, and all over the world. Hell, we're proud to be a British owned agency too! And this is something that many of our English clients appreciate. When you find an agency that speaks your language, both literally and figuratively, you're less inclined to use anyone else!

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On these pages you will find the best of the best England have to offer when it comes to female companionship. And we are proud to be the agency that represents them. Some of these girls may even be porn stars or glamour models that have risen to their dizzying heights of stardom in their respective careers. Yet you're the lucky gentlemen that are able to book these superstars as professional companions!

The beauty of British girls

It doesn't require a lot of explanation in the physical appearance stakes does it? Whether they're English, French, European, Brazilian, Australian, or whatever they are, they're all beautiful at Sugarbabes International. But there's something a little extra about British London escorts. Well, there's something extra special about English girls in general, no matter where they reside. They are for want of a better word, sassy; not to mention full of confidence. Their confidence comes mostly from the fact that they're escorting in their own country and they know the score. Girls from other parts of the world will sometimes struggle in this area, and consequently their confidence can suffer. You will find most British girls able to handle themselves in virtually any situation these days. The ancient concept of English women being shy, demure and deferring to their male counterparts, is long gone. If you want this type of woman, you're probably better booking a different nationality!

Highly intelligent women

British women are highly intelligent as well as very confident. Many of them have university educations, and some even continue to pursue other careers alongside their international escorting career. But it's not just their academic qualities that will make these ladies wonderful companions and stimulating dinner dates. They have remarkable experience of British culture and those in London are even more "switched on" so to speak. Some of our UK porn stars are fascinating to spend time with. Just imagine some of the stories these young ladies have to share with you!

We would heartily recommend one of these women for those of you who value stimulating conversation over anything else. It isn't as if you're not getting the other things you want either of course, they're all gorgeous. It's also highly recommended that to get the very best out of a date with one of our English girls, you book her for as long as you can afford. These elite courtesans really come into their own over longer periods of time.

When in London...

That old phrase "when in Rome," easily translates to London too! If you're from out of town, regardless of where you come from in the world, an English London escort is what you need when you arrive. Because so many of these girls actually live in London, and they're native English speakers, they are the perfect companions for extended bookings and dinner dates etc. Not only do they know all the best places to stay, visit, eat and drink, they can also order for you at dinner! These women have many uses!

They're also incredibly inconspicuous. An English woman coming along to meet you in a hotel bar or lobby is much less questionable than a young woman who barely speaks a word of English. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that no-one suspects a thing as you sit there and sip cocktails with your chosen girl. Not that anyone really concerns themselves with what others are doing anyway in London. You may not have this luxury if you book a famous British porn star of course, but the person who spots won't be likely to share their knowledge with their friends, and much less their partner if they have one!

Book your British escorts

If you're ready to try out the companionship of a genuine English escort, then Sugarbabes International is the best place to start. We have a very reliable group of British ladies: young, mature, porn stars and models, all of whom wish to spend quality time with those who are sure to appreciate them. Call us now with any questions or to make a booking.

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