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New Escorts / New Photos

Welcome to our page dedicated to new escorts at the agency. This page is where you're going to find pretty much everything that's new at Sugarbabes International actually. It's not just new girls on here either, we often put in the girls who have had new pictures done too. When they do this it's often like they're new girls anyway, simply because they're updated and they sometimes look quite different (you know what us women are like, changing this and that all the time!) We confess that it's sometimes hard to keep up, but we are very proud to be one of the few agencies that chases the girls to keep their profiles updated and looking good.

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Not only new escorts in London

The girls you see on this page are new in London, they're new all over the world where we represent escorts. We couldn't very well have a "new in Dubai" or "new in Paris" too, it would just be ridiculous and confusing. Besides, the great thing about most of the new companions we get at Sugarbabes International, is they often end up coming to London anyway. And those that are new in London, sometimes go off on tour in Dubai. You'll find that once some young ladies get a taste for this business, they become elite escorts that tour all over the world. This is particularly so with some of the international porn stars we represent.

New to the escorting business

We don't claim that any of the companions you see on this page are new to the escorting community. Although we are often aware if they have been listed elsewhere offering escort services, we don't claim to know how long they've been pursuing this career, or how good they are. We do meet with the new girls, we do interview them and we do sometimes take the advise of trusted clients who may have seen that particular escort in the past, or other agencies come to think of it.

However, we do sometimes get blessed with a girl who is completely new to the business. She may have relevant experience from elsewhere of course. She may be a glamour model or former model, or she may well be a porn star that has recently decided to take up a career as an escort also. But for whatever reason, we always make sure that she is ready for what awaits her in this wonderful world we occupy. We have a very good reputation to uphold and even though new escorts in London or anywhere else are always popular in the beginning, we don't want to upset our clients by offering them a service that they won't be satisfied with.

On the way!

We've also taken the liberty of adding girls who may well be "on the way". It's quite exciting waiting for them to arrive in London, or Dubai, or wherever they've chosen to begin their journey with Sugarbabes International. And we know that some of you like to among the first to book them through us. It sometimes helps to check the tour calendar for new girls on the way, but it doesn't always help if they're not planning on actually touring anywhere! They may just be planning to come to London and work here, and that's that. They're not likely to be marked down as "touring" in that case.

Fresh talent always likes to impress

All of our new escorts at Sugarbabes International are keen to impress. "Aren't all of the girls anyway?" we hear you yell! Well, yes of course they are, but you'll always get that extra mile from a new girl, because she's still finding her feet, so speak. Not necessarily in the escorting business, but it could be just with the agency that she's climatizing. With every new agency comes a new set of regular clients you see, and the girls get introduced to many different people when they first join. Their heads must be swimming by the end of their first week; they're always so very popular!

Your opinion is very important

We can't stress this enough gentlemen and ladies. We value the input we get from all of our clients, not just our regulars. Our philosophy is that a new client is only a trusted and regular client that you haven't gotten to know yet! We welcome feedback – good and bad – about the girls, and we really welcome reviews if you have the time. We particularly like to see escort reviews for our new girls on the independent review sites like: Captain 69, Punternet and The Erotic Review. These mean the world to us, and even more to the girls; especially when they're just starting out on their new career!

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